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Personal Health Records

Demographic Information

Date of Birth1986-06-16 (37 years old)
Weight141lbs (64kg)
Height5ft 7in (170cm)
Blood TypeA+


Name Start Date End Date
joint of left shoulder start to feel pain - might be caused by playing golf. 2010-10-01 2010-10-07
Pityriasis Rosea 2010-10-09


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Name Date

Test Results

Name Result Date
Weight 2256 ounces 2009-08-03
Height 67 inches 2009-08-03
HDL Cholesterol 82 mg/dL 2010-11-01
Diastolic Blood Pressure 80 mmHg 2010-11-01
Cholesterol, Total 159 mg/dL 2010-11-01
Systolic Blood Pressure 108 mmHg 2010-11-01
Blood glucose 97 mg/dL 2010-11-01


Name Date

Updated: 2010-11-01T17:30:45.984Z


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2011-03-05 23andMe Participant snp_Jiahao Download
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• male
• 952,895 positions covered
• ref. b36

Geographic Information

State:New York
Zip code:11724

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Enrollment History

Participant ID:huA62230
Account created:2009-05-31 04:39:56 UTC
Eligibility screening:2009-05-31 05:46:27 UTC (passed v1)
Exam:2009-05-31 18:28:27 UTC (passed v1)
Consent:2011-04-12 14:31:39 UTC (passed v20110222)
Enrolled:2010-10-10 16:22:02 UTC