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Participants welcome to apply for GET Labs!
For many of you this notice is a repeat – we’ve opened up our application for Harvard PGP participants to attend GET Labs! This year GET Labs will be its own event on April 29th, at the IBM Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA. (The GET conference is the following day, and will have separate tickets.) […]
March 10 —

Genome Medicine: Sharing our experiences with public participatory research
I’m happy to announce the publication of our paper “Harvard Personal Genome Project: lessons from participatory research” in Genome Medicine, a general retrospective of the current Harvard Personal Genome Project. There is growing interest in participatory research and data sharing (with either participants or researchers), and the Harvard PGP has concrete experience relevant to these conversations. In […]
February 28 —

Thursday 3pm EST Science Live Chat: Participant Data Access
Quick note: Tomorrow Jeantine Lunshof, Barbara Prainsack, and John Wilbanks will have a live chat (“Do You Have a Right to Your Personal Data?”) hosted by Science’s senior commentary editor, Brad Wible. You can join them at 3pm EST tomorrow for a live chat. (You can also leave comments or questions on that page, ahead […]
January 30 —

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