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VIDEO: Future of Genomics, David Altshuler at 2014 GET Conference
David Altshuler presents his talk, “Future of Genomics” as part of the 2014 GET Conference. Watch the video.Filed under: GET Conference, video
February 20 —

What are you looking for in your genome, and how can we help you find it?
The following is a guest post from Alan and Priscilla Oppenheimer. If you are enrolled in PGP Harvard, you probably received a recent email that mentioned a survey that we, the Alan & Priscilla Oppenheimer Foundation, are inviting you to take. We’d like to share more about who we are and why we’re inviting PGP […]
February 19 —

PGP Harvard updates – including a new “real name” option
Some updates about PGP Harvard: (1) we’ve added a new feature to the website that allows participants to share their real name, and (2) we have more whole genomes on the way! Our new “real name” feature The Harvard Personal Genome Project has always emphasized that the genetic data our participants publicly share is “identifiable”. […]
December 18 —

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