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Oppenheimer Foundation survey results
The following is a guest post by Alan Oppenheimer. The Alan and Priscilla Oppenheimer Foundation seeks to advance humanity through scientific research and education and has been a long-time supporter of the Harvard Personal Genome Project. The views of this guest post, and responses from participants reported upon here, do not necessarily reflect the views […]
May 5 —

VIDEO: Genomics in Medicine Panel at the 2014 GET Conference
At the 2014 Get Conference, Robert Green described how medical genetics is being integrated into primary care, Michael Linderman spoke on how to prepare the next generation of genomicists, and Diana Bianchi presented on how prenatal screening using sequencing of cell-free fetal DNA is revolutionizing prenatal care. Afterwards, they were led in a moderated discussion by Boston Globe […]
April 10 —

VIDEO Sporty genomes: Are elite athletes born or made?
If a major goal of genomics research is to understand the underlying molecular causes of beneficial phenotypes, for purposes of promoting overall health in society, then perhaps sports, in many regards, can help facilitate this process. The canonical athletic phenotype, with highly desirable physical traits, may serve as a model for understanding optimal fitness. And […]
March 7 —

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