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Zip code:15228

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PGP Participant Survey Responses submitted 1/18/2012 10:32:18. Show responses
Timestamp 1/18/2012 10:32:18
Year of birth 50-59 years
Which statement best describes you? I am comfortable making my genome sequence data publicly available without prior review.
Severe disease or rare genetic trait Yes
Do you have a severe genetic disease or rare genetic trait? If so, you can add a description for your public profile. I have fairly mild eosinophilic fasciitis, and mild asthma/allergies. My sister has MS, my brother had some severe ulcerative colitis leading to large bowel removal, and my mother died (at 84) with some idiopathic pulmonary infiltrative disease. I would suspect some inherited tendency to autoimmune/inflammatory processes that may present in different organ systems and which may not be recognized in a single disease entity.
Disease/trait: Onset 40-49 years of age
Disease/trait: Rarity Very rare/uncommon
Disease/trait: Severity Low severity disease
Disease/trait: Relative enrollment Maybe
Disease/trait: Diagnosis Yes
Disease/trait: Genetic confirmation No
Disease/trait: Documentation Yes
Disease/trait: Documentation description I do not have all data in hand immediately. But I have access to data from multiple CBC/diff studies (documenting eosinophil counts most relevantly), serum albumin, assays for ANA, etc., widely sued for autoimmune disease assessments.
Sex/Gender Male
Race/ethnicity White
Maternal grandmother: Country of origin United States
Paternal grandmother: Country of origin Ireland
Paternal grandfather: Country of origin Ireland
Maternal grandfather: Country of origin United States
Enrollment of relatives No
Enrollment of older individuals No
Enrollment of parents No
Have you uploaded genetic data to your PGP participant profile? No, I have no genetic data.
Have you used the PGP web interface to record a designated proxy? Yes
Have you uploaded health record data using our Google Health or Microsoft Healthvault interfaces? No, but I plan to
Blood sample Yes
Saliva sample Yes
Microbiome samples Yes
Tissue samples from surgery Yes
Tissue samples from autopsy Yes
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Cancers Responses submitted 8/14/2015 15:58:44. Show responses
Timestamp 8/14/2015 15:58:44
Other condition not listed here? actinic keratoses
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Endocrine, Metabolic, Nutritional, and Immunity Responses submitted 8/14/2015 15:59:40. Show responses
Timestamp 8/14/2015 15:59:40
Other condition not listed here? eosinophilic fasciitis
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Blood Responses submitted 8/14/2015 16:00:42. Show responses
Timestamp 8/14/2015 16:00:42
Other condition not listed here? eosinophilic fasciitis
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Nervous System Responses submitted 8/14/2015 16:01:04. Show responses
Timestamp 8/14/2015 16:01:04
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Respiratory System Responses submitted 8/14/2015 16:01:33. Show responses
Timestamp 8/14/2015 16:01:33
Have you ever been diagnosed with any of the following conditions? Allergic rhinitis, Asthma
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Vision and hearing Responses submitted 8/14/2015 16:02:01. Show responses
Timestamp 8/14/2015 16:02:01
Have you ever been diagnosed with one of the following conditions? Color blindness, Tinnitus
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue Responses submitted 8/14/2015 16:02:40. Show responses
Timestamp 8/14/2015 16:02:40
Have you ever been diagnosed with any of the following conditions? Osteoarthritis, Dupuytren's contracture, Osteoporosis
Other condition not listed here? eosinophilic fasciitis
PGP Basic Phenotypes Survey 2015 Responses submitted 8/14/2015 16:05:50. Show responses
Timestamp 8/14/2015 16:05:50
1.1 — Blood Type O +
1.2 — Height 5'8"
1.3 — Weight 155
1.4 — Comments eyes blue hair red(now gray!)
2.1 — Left Eye (Photograph Number) (full-size image: 2
2.2 — Right Eye (Photograph Number) (full-size image: 2
2.3 — Left Eye Color - Text Description blue
2.4 — Right Eye Color - Text Description same
3.1 — What is your natural hair color currently, when without artificial color or dye? gray
3.2 — Hair Color - Text Description red/brown before greying
1.4 — Handedness Right

Absolute Pitch Survey [see all responses]

Can tell if notes are in tune: Yes
Can sing a melody on key: Yes
Can recognize musical intervals: Yes
Do you have absolute pitch? No

Enrollment History

Participant ID:hu9F7183
Account created:2012-01-10 17:38:36 UTC
Eligibility screening:2012-01-10 17:50:52 UTC (passed v2)
Exam:2012-01-10 18:12:01 UTC (passed v2)
Consent:2015-08-06 14:31:27 UTC (passed v20150505)
Enrolled:2012-01-17 02:50:33 UTC