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Personal Health Records

Demographic Information

Date of Birth
Weight131lbs (59kg)
Blood Type


Name Start Date End Date
Nausea and Vomiting 2014-05-20 2015-01-13
Gastroesophageal reflux disease


Name Dosage Frequency Start Date End Date
omeprazole 20 mg capsule,delayed release Take 1 capsule(s) every day by oral route. Take 1, 1
Tylenol Sinus Congestion Pain PRN


Name Reaction/Severity Start Date End Date


Name Date

Test Results

Name Result Date
hepatitis B core Ab IgM negative 2015-01-13
hepatitis B core antibody negative 2015-01-13
HIV Ag/Ab combo nonreactive 2015-01-19
chlamydia, amp, urine negative 2015-01-16
treponemal Ab IgG/IgM non-reactive 2015-01-13
Hep B Surface Ab < 3.10 2015-01-13
hep B surface Ag negative 2015-01-13
hep C virus antibody negative 2015-01-13
H pylori, IgG <0.4 2014-05-22


Name Date
Hep B, adult 2015-05-21
Hep B, adult 2015-03-19
influenza, seasonal, intradermal, preservative free 2014-10-01
influenza, unspecified formulation 2013-11-01
meningococcal, unspecified formulation 2011-11-15
HPV, unspecified formulation 2011-11-15
HPV, unspecified formulation 2011-07-12
HPV, unspecified formulation 2011-05-10
Hep A, unspecified formulation 2011-05-10
TdaP 2010-11-09
Hep A, unspecified formulation 2010-11-09
DTaP, unspecified formulation 2009-06-21
meningococcal, unspecified formulation 2007-11-13
VARICELLA 2007-11-13
DT (pediatric) 2005-11-15
polio, unspecified formulation 1999-06-21
MMR 1999-04-21
meningococcal, unspecified formulation 1998-03-07
VARICELLA 1996-06-11
polio, unspecified formulation 1996-06-11
DTaP, unspecified formulation 1996-06-04
Hib, unspecified formulation 1996-03-14
MMR 1996-03-14
Hep B, unspecified formulation 1995-08-24
DTaP-Hib 1995-05-24
DTaP-Hib 1995-03-07
polio, unspecified formulation 1995-03-07
DTaP-Hib 1995-01-16
Hep B, unspecified formulation 1995-01-16
polio, unspecified formulation 1995-01-16
Hep B, unspecified formulation 1994-11-22

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2015-10-19 23andMe Participant 23andMe genotyping data Download
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Participant ID:hu9C9470
Account created:2015-10-19 22:21:38 UTC
Eligibility screening:2015-10-19 22:23:14 UTC (passed v2)
Exam:2015-10-19 22:49:24 UTC (passed v20120430)
Consent:2015-10-19 23:08:53 UTC (passed v20150505)
Enrolled:2015-10-19 23:15:11 UTC