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PGP Basic Phenotypes Survey 2015 Responses submitted 8/25/2015 15:54:03. Show responses
Timestamp 8/25/2015 15:54:03
1.1 — Blood Type O +
1.2 — Height 5'5"
1.3 — Weight 244
1.4 — Comments I had my only child at the "geriatric pregnancy" advanced age of 36-and since then, can't get weight off! Never was this heavy previously. Getting gastric sleeve in December. If any of this is relevant... :)
2.1 — Left Eye (Photograph Number) (full-size image: 2
2.2 — Right Eye (Photograph Number) (full-size image: 4
2.3 — Left Eye Color - Text Description light blue
2.4 — Right Eye Color - Text Description medium blue
2.5 —Comments My mother and younger brother have dark brown eyes; my father and older brother grey. My maternal grandmother had unusual yellowish amber brown "wolf eyes". (She was 1/2 Danish, 12.5% Scottish and 37.5% West Indian African). Both of my grandfathers had brown eyes, but paternal grandfather's were hazel. Paternal grandmother had eyes like mine, as did one maternal great-uncle,(out of 4 siblings-all others brown) and as does one maternal aunt (out of 3, other 2 with dark brown eyes). All of my father's 4 siblings have grey-blue eyes.
3.1 — What is your natural hair color currently, when without artificial color or dye? brown
3.2 — Hair Color - Text Description "dishwater" light brownish with blonde and red highlights
3.3 — Comments I was born BALD!! And did not seem to grow any amount of hair on my head until at least 2 years old. Then, it was WHITE-blonde, and stayed that way until I cropped it all off in a boy's pixie skullcap style at the age of 7. It grew back in much, much darker and remained that mousy shade that's neither quite brown nor blonde, but a nondescript in-between shade, until I started dying it all shades of the rainbow regularly, at the age of 12. ***It is also quite wiry/curly***
4.1 — Any final thoughts? It would be helpful to include a field where participants might upload their own eye pictures, etc. Just a thought.
1.4 — Handedness Both equally well

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