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PGP Participant Survey Responses submitted 4/19/2017 17:44:42. Show responses
Timestamp 4/19/2017 17:44:42
Year of birth 1984
Sex/Gender Female
Race/ethnicity White
Maternal grandmother: Country of origin Portugal
Paternal grandmother: Country of origin Portugal
Paternal grandfather: Country of origin Portugal
Maternal grandfather: Country of origin Portugal
Month of birth October
Anatomical sex at birth Female
Maternal grandmother: Race/ethnicity White
Maternal grandfather: Race/ethnicity White
Paternal grandmother: Race/ethnicity White
Paternal grandfather: Race/ethnicity White

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Participant ID:hu33FC53
Account created:2017-04-17 05:44:28 UTC
Eligibility screening:2017-04-17 05:53:29 UTC (passed v2)
Exam:2017-04-18 22:37:50 UTC (passed v20120430)
Consent:2017-04-19 06:09:01 UTC (passed v20150505)
Enrolled:2017-04-19 07:12:56 UTC