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PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Congenital Traits and Anomalies Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:19:08. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:19:08
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:20:01. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:20:01
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:20:33. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:20:33
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Genitourinary Systems Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:20:53. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:20:53
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Digestive System Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:21:23. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:21:23
Have you ever been diagnosed with any of the following conditions? Impacted tooth, Dental cavities
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Respiratory System Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:22:09. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:22:09
Have you ever been diagnosed with any of the following conditions? Asthma
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Circulatory System Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:22:57. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:22:57
Have you ever been diagnosed with one of the following conditions? Cardiac arrhythmia
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Vision and hearing Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:24:29. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:24:29
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Nervous System Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:24:49. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:24:49
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Blood Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:25:08. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:25:08
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Cancers Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:25:42. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:25:42
PGP Participant Survey Responses submitted 10/12/2012 4:28:15. Show responses
Timestamp 10/12/2012 4:28:15
Year of birth 30-39 years
Which statement best describes you? I am comfortable making my genome sequence data publicly available without prior review.
Severe disease or rare genetic trait No
Sex/Gender Male
Race/ethnicity White
Maternal grandmother: Country of origin United States
Paternal grandmother: Country of origin United States
Paternal grandfather: Country of origin United States
Maternal grandfather: Country of origin United States
Enrollment of relatives No
Enrollment of older individuals No
Enrollment of parents Maybe
Have you uploaded genetic data to your PGP participant profile? No, but I have genetic data and plan to upload it
Have you used the PGP web interface to record a designated proxy? Yes
Have you uploaded health record data using our Google Health or Microsoft Healthvault interfaces? No, but I plan to
Blood sample Yes
Saliva sample Yes
Microbiome samples Yes
Tissue samples from surgery Yes
Tissue samples from autopsy Yes
PGP Trait & Disease Survey 2012: Endocrine, Metabolic, Nutritional, and Immunity Responses submitted 12/10/2014 23:14:05. Show responses
Timestamp 12/10/2014 23:14:05
PGP Basic Phenotypes Survey 2015 Responses submitted 1/5/2016 23:03:37. Show responses
Timestamp 1/5/2016 23:03:37
1.1 — Blood Type O +
1.2 — Height 6'3"
1.3 — Weight 205
1.4 — Comments Brown hair, dark brown eyes. I am the "tall, dark, and handsome" you hear about. ;)
2.1 — Left Eye (Photograph Number) (full-size image: 22
2.2 — Right Eye (Photograph Number) (full-size image: 22
2.3 — Left Eye Color - Text Description Continuous shade of brown with darker stripes and rings
2.4 — Right Eye Color - Text Description Same same, but different.
2.5 —Comments I mean my eyes are pretty normal. I have two of them. They're nice and dark. I use them to see. I also use them to wink at the ladies. My immediate family also has dark brown eyes, and they use them to see also.
3.1 — What is your natural hair color currently, when without artificial color or dye? brown
3.2 — Hair Color - Text Description Brown hair.
3.3 — Comments I was born with lighter hair, but then it came to its senses during my childhood. My hair gets lighter when I spend a lot of time in the sun, and let me tell you something... My hair is super thick. I can't stand how hot my head gets, and I was in the Army, so I shave the sides of my head and keep the top just long enough to look damn good. My head gets super hot when I don't cut it at least once a week. I use Wahl clippers. Wahl is a good brand. Unfortunately I know of no brand of pillows that stay cool for when I forget to cut my hair.
4.1 — Any final thoughts? Good job!
1.4 — Handedness Right

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Participant ID:hu0C8573
Account created:2012-07-16 14:37:52 UTC
Eligibility screening:2012-07-16 14:40:00 UTC (passed v2)
Exam:2012-07-16 15:19:05 UTC (passed v20120430)
Consent:2015-08-06 14:32:17 UTC (passed v20150505)
Enrolled:2012-07-19 03:31:14 UTC