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Personal Health Records

Demographic Information

Date of Birth1950-02-26 (72 years old)
Weight126lbs (57kg)
Height5ft 1in (154cm)
Blood TypeB+


Name Start Date End Date
Bipolar Disorder 1950-02-26
Jellyfish stings 2010-02-13 2010-02-20
Low Back Strain 2010-09-21 2010-09-26


Name Dosage Frequency Start Date End Date
Buspirone 5 mg Tablet Take 0.5, 2 times per day 2002-10-10
Depakote 125 mg Tablet, Delayed Release (E.C.) Take 4, 2 times per day 1993-10-08
Fluoxetine 20 mg Capsule Take 1, 1 time per day in the evening 1992-10-10
Neurontin 100 mg Capsule Take 1, 2 times per day 1993-02-26


Name Reaction/Severity Start Date End Date


Name Date

Test Results

Name Result Date
Weight 122 lb 2008-06-30
Diastolic Blood Pressure 68 mmHg 2008-06-30
Systolic Blood Pressure 108 mmHg 2008-06-30
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) 1.70 uIU/ml 2008-10-24
Alanine Transaminase (ALT) 21 U/L 2008-10-24
Systolic Blood Pressure 122 mmHg 2009-06-18
Weight 128 lb 2009-06-18
Diastolic Blood Pressure 72 mmHg 2009-06-18
Weight 126 lb 2009-08-31
CO2 30 mmol/L 2009-11-12
Potassium, Serum 4.3 mmol/L 2009-11-12
Sodium, Blood 141 mmol/L 2009-11-12
Alanine Transaminase (ALT) 15 U/L 2009-11-12
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) 1.67 uIU/ml 2009-11-12
Vitamin B12 Level 756 pg/ml 2009-11-13
Complete Blood Count (CBC) Normal K/ul 2010-05-07
Alanine Transaminase (ALT) 17 U/L 2010-05-07
AST 27 U/L 2010-05-07
Pap Smear Normal 2010-06-18
Diastolic Blood Pressure 79 mmHg 2010-08-31
Systolic Blood Pressure 115 mmHg 2010-08-31
Systolic Blood Pressure 104 mmHg 2010-09-24
Weight 126 lb 2010-09-24
Diastolic Blood Pressure 74 mmHg 2010-09-24
Occult Blood, Stool, Immunoassay Negative 2010-09-25
Systolic Blood Pressure 109 mmHg 2010-10-16
Height 61 inches 2010-10-16
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) 1.67 uIU/ml 2010-10-16
CL 103 mmol/L 2010-10-16
Diastolic Blood Pressure 72 mmHg 2010-10-16
Folate 18.1 ng/ml 2010-10-16


Name Date
INF H1N1-09 standard dose (Influenza H1N1-09) 2010-04-20
INFs 3yrs-adult (Influenza) 2007-12-15
INFs 4yrs and over (influenza) 2008-10-11
INFs pres free 4yrs-adult (influenza) 2009-10-17

Updated: 2010-10-16T04:14:05.628Z


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Uploaded data

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Geographic Information

Zip code:96816

Family Members Enrolled

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PGP Participant Survey Responses submitted 7/30/2011 0:19:31. Show responses
Timestamp 7/30/2011 0:19:31
Year of birth 60-69 years
Which statement best describes you? I am comfortable making my genome sequence data publicly available without prior review.
Severe disease or rare genetic trait Yes
Do you have a severe genetic disease or rare genetic trait? If so, you can add a description for your public profile. I have bi-polar disorder, which is being successfully managed with medication for about the last 20 years. Alcoholism runs in my family, with alcoholics in both maternal and paternal lines. Some of my siblings self medicate; my sister is married to an alcoholic.
Disease/trait: Onset 10-19 years of age
Disease/trait: Rarity Fairly common
Disease/trait: Severity Moderate severity disease
Disease/trait: Relative enrollment No
Disease/trait: Diagnosis Yes
Disease/trait: Genetic confirmation No
Disease/trait: Documentation Yes
Disease/trait: Documentation description The only documentation would be a diagnosis from a doctor that I saw.
Sex/Gender Female
Race/ethnicity Asian, White
Maternal grandmother: Country of origin Other / don't know / no response
Paternal grandmother: Country of origin China
Paternal grandfather: Country of origin China
Maternal grandfather: Country of origin Other / don't know / no response
Enrollment of relatives No
Enrollment of older individuals No
Enrollment of parents No
Have you uploaded genetic data to your PGP participant profile? No, I have no genetic data.
Have you used the PGP web interface to record a designated proxy? Yes
Have you uploaded health record data using our Google Health or Microsoft Healthvault interfaces? Yes
Uploaded health records: Update status No
Uploaded health records: Extensiveness 3
Blood sample Yes
Saliva sample Yes
Microbiome samples Yes
Tissue samples from surgery Yes
Tissue samples from autopsy Yes

Absolute Pitch Survey [see all responses]

Can tell if notes are in tune: Yes
Can sing a melody on key: Yes
Can recognize musical intervals: Not sure
Do you have absolute pitch? Yes

Enrollment History

Participant ID:huD6D3D9
Account created:2009-05-31 01:48:03 UTC
Eligibility screening:2009-05-31 02:09:45 UTC (passed v1)
Exam:2009-05-31 05:14:59 UTC (passed v1)
Consent:2011-04-17 09:13:45 UTC (passed v20110222)
Enrolled:2010-10-10 15:33:49 UTC