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Personal Health Records

Demographic Information

Date of Birth1956-05-24 (64 years old)
Weight212lbs (96kg)
Height5ft 11in (180cm)
Blood TypeO+


Name Start Date End Date
Anxiety 1968-01-01
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Sleep Apnea


Name Dosage Frequency Start Date End Date


Name Reaction/Severity Start Date End Date
cottonseed oil Severe


Name Date

Test Results

Name Result Date
Height 71 inches 2009-08-03
Weight 3520 ounces 2009-08-03
Weight 211.5 lb 2010-10-15


Name Date
Hepatitis A Vaccine, Adult
Hepatitis B Vaccine, Adult
Poliovirus Vaccine, Type Unknown
Smallpox (Vaccinia) Vaccine
Tetanus/Diphteria (Td) Toxoids, Older Children and Adults

Updated: 2010-10-15T17:14:08.836Z


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PGP Participant Survey Responses submitted 7/16/2011 16:37:55. Show responses
Timestamp 7/16/2011 16:37:55
Year of birth 50-59 years
Which statement best describes you? I am comfortable making my genome sequence data publicly available without prior review.
Severe disease or rare genetic trait Yes
Do you have a severe genetic disease or rare genetic trait? If so, you can add a description for your public profile. hypercholesterolemia without significant cardiac impact
Disease/trait: Onset 20-29 years of age
Disease/trait: Rarity Very rare/uncommon
Disease/trait: Severity Moderate severity disease
Disease/trait: Relative enrollment Maybe
Disease/trait: Diagnosis Yes
Disease/trait: Genetic confirmation No
Disease/trait: Documentation Yes
Disease/trait: Documentation description I am 55 years of age and have lab results for my cholesterol that go back to age 20 since I worked in a clinical lab. My total cholesterol and LDL levels are typically sky high - above 300 mg/dl. And my HDL levels are moderately low, below 50 mg/dl. Not conferring on me the numerical protection normally associated with high HDL levels. Despite this I have no apparent cardiac myopathy or artherosclerosis normally associated with such high levels. This means there are more cards in the cholesterol game than we currently understand. My high levels remain relatively untreated due to the fact that statin drugs give me instant tendonitis, also likely a genetic trait.
Sex/Gender Male
Race/ethnicity White
Maternal grandmother: Country of origin United States
Paternal grandmother: Country of origin United States
Paternal grandfather: Country of origin United States
Maternal grandfather: Country of origin United States
Enrollment of relatives No
Enrollment of older individuals Yes
Enrollment of parents No
Have you uploaded genetic data to your PGP participant profile? No, I have no genetic data.
Have you used the PGP web interface to record a designated proxy? Yes
Have you uploaded health record data using our Google Health or Microsoft Healthvault interfaces? Yes
Uploaded health records: Update status Yes
Uploaded health records: Extensiveness 3
Blood sample Yes
Saliva sample Yes
Microbiome samples Yes
Tissue samples from surgery Yes
Tissue samples from autopsy Yes

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Enrollment History

Participant ID:hu42CA7C
Account created:2009-06-01 02:16:34 UTC
Eligibility screening:2009-06-01 02:21:47 UTC (passed v1)
Exam:2009-06-01 02:56:25 UTC (passed v1)
Consent:2015-08-06 14:28:41 UTC (passed v20150505)
Enrolled:2010-10-10 16:11:37 UTC