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Harvard PGP: COVID-19 Demographics Survey

Survey information

Researcher: Sarah W Zaranek, Curii Inc

Dear PGP Participants:

May this survey find you in good health, even though, all around us, we are seeing the devastating impact of COVID-19. In fact, we are reaching out to you because we believe that PGP participants may have an opportunity to help stem the tide of COVID-19 in a way that, as far as we know, only PGP participants are in a position to do.

Below is a demographics survey designed for you to fill out and designed to help gain more information about our participants in relation to COVID-19. You only need to fill this survey out once. As with all PGP phenotype (trait) surveys, the answers to these questions should be considered public and will be connected to your public PGP profile.

Link to the current PGP consent:

Thank you, Harvard PGP Staff


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Survey responses

(846 responses from 753 participants)