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Absolute Pitch Prelimary Screening Responses -- huA91663

Do you consider yourself to have a good sense of pitch in the following ways?

Can tell if notes are in tune:
Not sure
Can sing a melody on key:
Can recognize musical intervals:
Do you have absolute pitch?

How would you define the ability of absolute pitch?
The ability to replicate the sound/music/tone played to me.
At what age did you know you had absolute pitch?

What musical activities do you do now?

Play a musical instrument
At what age did you start to play your first instrument?
What instrument or instruments do you play now?

How many different notes can you hear simultaneously and still name individually?

Is there any restriction to naming notes on instruments other than your primary instrument?
Not available
Please explain
No response given

Can you sing tones corresponding to musical notes if you are given the letter name of the note?
Not sure

Do you have any exceptional abilities in the following areas?
Please explain
I cringe at chalk being wiped away -- the tone hits some nerve inside; the same is true of powdered sugar, and flour, but they each have a unique grating sound. I'm extremely sensitive to sour and hot/spicy things. Sweet and savory are my flavors of ch
Do you have any specific sensory associations with particular musical pitches (i.e. color, smell, taste etc...)?
Please explain
I see sound, all sounds, as a mixture of cascading colors. I know I've matched the sound I'm trying to reproduce, when the color and patterns are the same. A voice I know well on the phone, is entirely different than one face to face.

Have you noticed any changes in your absolute pitch ability with age?

Family History

Relation Plays instrument Has absolute pitch Comments
Father Yes No
Mother Yes Yes
Sister No No